The Text      

KHIEN is Heaven; the Dragon's Our Friend, the Sage!
Originating, keen, strong to the end, presage!
Deathly still, Dragon, hide in the deep.
In the field, preside; Virtue's harvest reap!
Vigilant as gnomes, be active, even asleep.
In the depth yet, stage the upward leap.
Now fly the sky -crimson comets sweep!
Exceed not -weep not; the Golden mean keep
KAW's bestowing Virtue, breath of Heaven;
The Western wind diffuses feathery leaven.
KAW shows the meeting of the many strong,
With one that's soft, but bold, who struggles long!
Art tied & fastened to a metal drag?
But wash thy feet & thou art wholly clean!
Limping but upright, tread the Golden Mean.
No meat -no wine- be shaggy, Nazarene!
Thy gold, thy age, thy health & Virtue screen.
Exalted, safe & loyal -be serene.
TUNG-YUN's sweet warmth pours from the pure in heart;
Cross then the Stream, Lord of the Magick Art!
Not I, but Christ in me shall rule; prepare
Our Wine, the Cana choice -not kin by blood!
Thick grass -high mound- three times the Right declare.
Mounted on city's wall, yet do not dare.
To weep -to laugh, then win- to meet- to share!
The deed be done; thy fame -spread everywhere!
THUN turns away from cheap to take the dear;
Choose ye the Dove -see happiness appear!
A Tower of Babel never tops the sky;
For, Love's the Meaning of the Yellow Tie!
Be kind to servants; set them free to serve.
Be self-controlled & patient; keep thy nerve.
Avoid a triumph crude; yet do not swerve.
Let Soberness help to fructify thy verve.
LEH's ubiquitous humility
Gives to thee respectability.
Gentle! Dragon, tread on the tiger's tail.
Bend an ear to Ahriman: hear Me wail.
Pride is Lucifer's less-than-human shape.
Cautious, courteous, see the right avail!
Peril! humble but fearless, hold the trail.
Now, " reward of Ra-Hoor-Khuit " entail!
ZUNG plots a pot of luck -a lot
Of eggs without haggling bought!
Argue not, convert not, talk not overmuch.
Choose ye an Island where Our Wine goes round.
Eat of thy old Virtue; karmick prizes clutch.
Hexes erect, expound their Solar sound.
There is success -the gods approve the ground!
Stop the contention now -harmony abound.
BOO-WHANG declares -in Daath we trust,
The Will of God our only must!
Single thine eye, thy body fill with light.
Heaven-born, thy field's thrice-reaped, unploughed!
Thy Will be done, not mine -my life is vowed.
Firm & correct remain, thy course is right.
Win by the Grace of God, not human might.
Earnest & simple -sincere, sit thee tight.
PHI blesses those who gladly give -
Happiness to those with whom they live.
The Earth reflects the Heavens above -thus do!
Let little children teach thee something new.
For Beauty's sake & Love's let us be true.
My joy to see your joy -bless from afar.
Balanced, serene, not up nor down we are.
In Thy Name, Christ Jesus, we thank Thee, AUM HA!
SIAO-KHU joins the outer with the inner; small
Restraint fashions progress here for all.
Thy king is checked -but let thy Virtue think.
Seek first God's Kingdom; make the proper link.
Aum Ho! Warrior -if thy servant sink!
The Holy Blood of God redeems the Earth.
True friends are helping; hover on the brink.
Rainbow in Moonlight, make perfection pink!
SUN warns the Wise -beware the whip!
Thy will be done; thou shalt not slip!
Three times I say it, this is my refrain.
Beneath the couch, waiting wizard, stay.
God's Spell & Scourge! take the hint today.
Reiterated, said again & again!
Thy heart is full -maintain the right of way.
Thy heart o'erflows -relax the axe & pray.
KIA-YUN engenders the wind from Solar fire.
Loyal, active, worthy, discreet -aspire!
Do well thy job, let others do their own.
The meek are blessed, theirs the Starry Earth!
Severity is kind, be stern -a stone!
The conquered self possesses cosmick worth.
The treasure seek inside the closest zone.
Thy gong is gold -ring out the golden tone!
TSIEN makes the manners on the Island good.
Goose-feathers ornament thy triple hood!
Three geese, three days -they fly with easy grace.
Thy rod & staff, they set my pulse the pace.
The tempest tamed, theurgick tutor teach.
Web-footed, on flat branches perched in place.
Young gosling, fly three days The Bed to reach.
Golden waters lap up the golden beach!
CHUNG-VOO - Inmost Sincerity! -be good!
Take, drink, this is My spiritual Blood!
Chant thy name, Inmost Heart, Love is the bond.
Cranes partake! drink, young cranes & respond!
Thy'! Daimon's met; 'tis Midnight -time to hush.
Thoth speaks to Moses -Love enflames the Brush!
Glow, Holy Grail, gleam in the guileless pond!
O, plumaged voice, quiet! -encase thy wand.
HWAN serves the goodly portion, ample.
Strong horse sets wondrous wise example!
Thy Star comes forth; the strong horse aids.
The puzzle's solved -Nu's refuge take.
The Scarlet Cape cleaves the Friendly glades.
Forty-nine knights -some with bleeding blades!
Awful! wondrous! coo! charmed the winged Snake!
Thou art healed; retire from anxious ache.
YIK increases, adding wind to thunder;
Sunbeams strewing gratitude & wonder!
Go on in My strength & turn not back for any!
Ten tortoise shells! the gods accept thy gift.
The Path of the Mean safely spans the rift.
The Highest descends, bending to uplift.
Thy Treasure's in Heaven; honor Caesar's penny.
My servants, few & secret, rule the many.
KWAN's pure hands open wide the door -
To the left, up, right, back, down, before!
Thy knees are bent, thy Virtue stands erect!
Thy glance is down, down to show respect.
Thy hands are clasped -Akashick Lords protect!
Thine be the Kingdom! thou the very elect!
Now, Golden Heart, consume thyself in prayer.
Rest, Holy Dove, in the City Four Square!
TAYOO responds to a sympathetic mate,
With Gnostick conversation most intimate!
Work " by the eight & ninety rules of Art. "
Call up thy !. Daimon; call the royal cart.
Virtuous Dragon, offer up thy heart.
Rightly perform thy rite, perfect each part.
Bless in mercy -Mercy blesses thee!
Tell all the hundred-fifty-three apart!
TING's four feet & ears nourish thy caress;
Delicious meals -progress & success!
TING feeds a chosen, nucleal middle -
Oodles of grub from a cross-eared griddle!
The caldron's up-turned the position to improve.
The caldron's ready -clamp on the lid & hook.
Change ears, stew & simmer, genially cook.
Level the caldron's overflow with timely look.
Firm-Correctness' yellowed ears approve!
Rings of jade around the handle crook!
LI's double brilliance brightens the bright;
Docile like a cow -yet firm and upright!
Thy feet are clean, step on the golden stair.
Firm in place, held by a yellow strap.
Sober Muse, play on my earthenware.
Shun sudden shocks -top-side up with care.
Righteousness pours fortune in thy lap!
Vigorous victor, let every quarter share!
LER's Prester John in Shamballa wondrous strange!
Grandly equipped, rove the thunderous range.
A king may choose his garment as he will.
Well-staffed, accoutered, catered, takes his fill.
Now, ardent stranger, burn thy cozy home!
Polish perturbation, easy! cautious! roam.
Elegant pheasant presented breeds good will.
Sun-struck! dizzy dove, flame thy nest & foam!
KHWI " division hither homeward " knells;
Love, on marshy feet, chance union spells.
KHWI, despite an abominable condition,
Yellow-palms abdominal ambition!
Strong horse, demon-winged, bring back the lost.
Do what thou wilt-!. Daimon, come like frost!
Christ backs the cart -Freedom's home to build.
War-engine! post Lamb's Blood; count not the cost!
Skin-bitten? Thank God! Our Wine's not spilled!
Drown, pig-footed doubts! o, Stream, be crossed!
MWOI-TZI " makes no difference, " bears no shame.
The Heart girt with a Serpent is my Name!
How foolish, fox, to get thy tail immersed!
Restrain thyself; be correct & firm.
The second half's solved solving the first.
Invade the hells -smite the demon worm.
Our Wine, Divine, slakes thy Righteous thirst!
Trust thyself, feast, enjoy the term.
ZHI-GAH gnaws while hallowed Lightning blazes;
Solar Logick thunders, deafens & amazes!
Severe the Ordeals, teach Truth, live the Life.
Noseless, thy flesh is bitten through & through.
The Hieophantick task thrills the chosen few.
Michael's at thy side -strengthen strife!
Black to the blind -in Christ 'tis gold & blue!
Dumb & earless, drum &, fearless, fife!
ZIN advances; Ra rise, red Eagle fly,
Lion descend, Beetle make thy cry!
Diana mounts to hunt with open mind.
The King's Mother blesses -thou art kind.
Trusted, hunting Southward, ye shall find.
Enter the Dark land leftward -carry on.
Unconcernedness' fruit hath yellow rind!
Advance! at Daath's peak tarry on.
TA-KHU accumulates -nourishes power.
Daath informs -await the proper hour.
Momentum! keep the strongest in restraint.
Control thy Virtue, exercise constraint.
Unite thy forces; follow custom quaint.
Amazing foresight brings familiar joy.
The wolf is tamed, his teeth cannot annoy.
Command the firmament, elected Saint!
KU transforms the evil into good;
Solves the problems as the Master should.
Thy father's illness healed forms Spirit-Man.
Forgive thy mother -cancel out her lies.
Tame the Tempter -grow so wondrous wise.
Thy will is strong to work determined plan.
The Light in Darkness spreads its Yellow Fan!
Do what thou wilt; hold the precious prize!
PIH rises behind the foliaged mountain;
Rainbow, rejoice the golden fountain!
Pursue the Righteous Path with spangled feet.
Sunbeams ray from Earth's luxuriant chin.
True Beauty! let the rim the hub repeat.
White clad -white horsed -seeking spirit kin.
Formally frugal, haggling -not within!
Complex -simple! human form complete
KAN's twin peaks mark the stops & goes.
Watchful, notice nothing beyond thy nose.
Firm correctness keeps the toes at rest.
Righteous regulations thighs arrest.
Glowing heart pounds ribs -lull the loins.
Quiescent torso augurs auspice best.
Thy jaw is set -quiet, the noisiest.
Acquire peaceful devotion's golden coins
ZUN gives its life to the dwellers of earth.
Sincerity offers grain -two baskets' worth.
Haggle not; use the first Rule of Art!
Present thy offering; purify thy heart.
A few choice words open the inner door!
Glad helpers please thee more & more.
Ten pairs of tortoise shells -luck galore!
I am the Flame -to every Star impart! "
MOONG's nurtured sprouts face the East.
Fortune favors frankness -last but not least!
Resolute leadership unshackles the mind.
Spare the rod -learn uses from the pupil.
Praise worthy deeds -love is blind.
Chains bind benighted -lights unbind.
Simplicity is docile, humbly inclined.
Confucius say: Revere the lines sextuple!
I's upper jaw thunders Sinai's theme;
I AM the Law; eat & cross the Stream!
Avast! giant tortoise -no bread from stones!
My flesh & blood are meat & drink indeed!
The world's saved by Golgotha's deathless deed.
The tiger glares down -brilliant power to feed.
The Sober Goblet gushes golden mead!
Thrice-blessed Substance, penetrate the bones!
PO strengthens those below, promises peace.
Uplift the fallen; see thy stature increase!
The legs are bent, the couch seems overthrown.
The frame is hurt, but God is on His throne!
The gods are watching, they protect their own!
Joy is built on woe's foundation-stone!
A garland of yellow flowers -all full blown!
Tend thy garden -see thy chariot drawn!
KUAI against the grain performs its duty.
Dark winter brings bright summer's beauty.
Delivered from the lust of result, advance thy toes.
Pursue the due mean despite those who oppose.
Trip the culprit, cut off his nauseous nose!
Beset with odds, keep sober-minded pose.
Unshade purslain; the marrow bone expose.
Force of character wins without a doubt.
TA-GWO's beam stands up -no need to fear!
Trees below the marsh -their tops appear.
Prudence places pads upon the ground.
Form strange pacts; satisfaction bring.
Mind not the beam -cling to the proper thing.
Flexible & penetrating, make the upward swing.
Behold the astounding yellow flowering!
The living Stream bathes Our Friend renowned!
KHO innovates complacent change.
Charge & consecrate -the Stars arrange!
Golden thonged, midnight's Son, protract.
Timely changes -gods approve thy way.
Achieve the Bodhisattvick task, attract!
Purge the dynasty; new lands enact.
Sleek thy Tiger's coat, divine & act.
Chameleon! faces change & obey!
HAM artfully consummates its task.
In My Name -all, together- ask!
Our blessed Wine intoxicates with God!
Loyalty wields the yellow rod.
Move thy thighs, Virtuous thy end.
Do what thou wilt -contradictions blend!
Secret heart! thy twelve rays extend.
Oracle of Truth, infallible thy nod!
TUI joins true hearts in Christian Love:
Joy below responds to Joy above!
Be strong in seat of strength, wholly in tune!
Procure ye, fresh, Our Wine; pour & commune.
Pleasure's doubled, perfected -hand in hand.
Combine the Two in One -companions boon.
Let him be " ever a Sun & she a Moon " !
O, Golden Quest! o, Holy Ampersand!
KWUN tight lips the prize; Confucius' heard:-
Exact example says more than the word!
Grail bethralled, Dark moon conceals Our Friend.
Sacrificial, knees red-capped, be calm.
Thorned, rock-frowned, tense, in Palace denned.
Softly seek the right place, soothe & balm.
Scarlet-aproned, sacramental, psalm!
Righteousness on high repents to ascend.
SUI's moving spirit set the lake on fire.
Dark house rejoice! expected event transpire.
Advance beyond the gate to gratify.
The Magick Art perfects the small detail.
Modest, cautious, now thou shalt avail!
Honorable Dragon, Bread of Heaven supply.
Foster responsiveness; Golden Rule apply.
Peace on the Western hill in the castle of the Grail!
ZHUI collects for pleasure's full expansion.
War-engine perfects docility in the mansion.
Correlate responds with sunny smile.
Due-mean's vernal offerings reconcile.
Humility achieves symphonick style.
Grandly fortunate, amass, collect.
Wondrous union! Virtue sustain, correct.
East & West meet in worship on the Isle.
HSU waits patiently; enjoys the feast.
Angels speak; face the Magical East!
Loyal, await the proper time to act.
Generous, forgive thy debtors; practice tact.
Reverent, attract thy .'. Daimon; keep thy pact.
Caverned, expectant -scanning cryptick Times.
Thy " uttermost delight, " o, Heaven, protract!
Pledged, the guest, in red & yellow rimes.
DZING repeats the rules of Virtue's game.
Our Wine animates thy mutual aim.
The wheel's well-oiled, the pail is poised to sink.
Golden Star, guard thy Work of Art!
Twelve times brinked, rest thy panting heart.
Stars in the Darkness twinkle when ye think.
Very Freshness, overflow the cart!
The well's uncovered, thou art free to drink.
KI-TZI's stone whirls thy world to birth.
Medicine-of-Metals, aureate thy Earth!
Hush vehement movement, brake thy wheel.
The Sabbath returns, unsought, the scarlet snood.
Tame the demon-zone with Righteous zeal.
Righting the wrongs with sleepless solicitude.
East & West clasp hands to welcome weal!
Rainbowed! immersed in peril's rectitude.
KIEN is active; Virtue's Star is strong;
Superior odds, well-matched -where they belong!
Right answers for right questions lie in wait.
Unselfish aspirations vindicate.
Associate with mates who will to cling.
Execrated gods Initiate!
Golden Mean, befriend the Living Spring!
The Bodhisattvas, twelve, participate.
JEET measures out the Righteous Code;
Mountain on the Water -a la mode.
Linger in the courtyard before the door.
Loiter in the hallway on the lower floor.
Practicing the rules banishes lament.
Soberness makes gradual, deferent ascent.
Holy Spirit's sweet sacrament adore!
To Me! exceed, exceed -no need to repent. "
KHAN's overflowing heart & piercing mind.
Dare pit after pit, constant, firm & kind!
In the double defile, Our Friend enters the cave.
Environed with peril, make not yet the escape.
Whether He comes or goes He shall behave!
Wine-bottle & rice-basket -sage & suave.
The Moon's not yet quite full -retain thy shape.
No rest for the wicked -in thorny thicket, thrice-brave!
TUN's thunder peals; clouds discharge their rain.
Sort threads of warp & woof & weave thy skein.
Lurk, withdraw, upon them: zeal & zest!
Thus be the battle about My Mystick place.
Sensing secret risks slackens the chase.
The Silver Star helps thee win thy race.
Hail the Rosy Sun successful in the West!
Chariot reined, else tears rain down thy face!
PEE divines -Earth & Moon appear;
Docility & responsiveness revere!
Sincerity hallows its earthenware.
Thy inward mind's attached to Virtue's share.
Chance attachments serve thy great affair.
Seeking God beyond thyself in prayer.
Take the willing only, leave the rest.
The perfect & the perfect are one perfect pair!
TA-GWANG's creative force strengthens thy will.
Heavens thunder; know thyself; be still!
Gnostick mouth, Speech in the Silence intone.
Govern thyself; conquer the central zone.
Thrifty, save some of the seed to be sown.
Open the door, now, the lamb's full grown.
The lamb's a ram; thine be the golden treasure!
Big Water brings good luck & perfect pleasure!
HAYN in well doing continues long;
Wind & thunder respond all along!
Not forward for action, freed from the lust of result!
Abide centrally to beat repentance's blame.
Assuage with Virtue, unassuaged, aflame!
Hunt in the proper field willing game.
Docile, steadfast, calm, strong & adult!
Roars the gentle, sucking Dove, occult!
VUNG's bright Lightning thonged to Thunder strong.
Greet seasons; sing Love's sweet, deathless song!
Synchronous motion: call forth thy right ally.
Sincere devotion; Bushel seen through screen.
Hang large banner -see Mei's flashing eye!
Met, thick-tented, Phthah float on high!
Yellow flowers grow; Solar Lords convene!
Household big-housed; preened thy citrine sheen.
SAIO-GWO's leal hill steals the thunder's motion;
Big Khan's violet rain sprays the tawny ocean!
Feathered tones humbly descend aright.
My Grandmother will pay thee back tonight.
Be very careful of the little thing.
Meet exigencies without exceeding.
Clouds dense in the West; caverned birds in sight.
Wise bird flies low & curbs its appetite.
KWI-MIH's thunder rolls above the lake.
Polarise, repolarise -partake!
Lift thy leg, tramp along -Virtue firm.
Devoted to thy mate, compensate, confirm.
Therefore, accepted Lovers now embrace.
Await the good time at the term.
Moon almost full -sleeves of yellow lace!
Empty basket -bloodless sheep in place!
CHIEH relieves; Southwest's in coming back.
In early works Good fortune heaps the stack!
Strong response unravels tangled knot.
Catch foxes three; win straight yellow arrow!
Porter totes his pack; travels as he ought.
Off toes! friends come to help thee harrow.
Loose & easy fills the golden pot.
The master bends his bow & calls the shot.
KIN encourages; thunders twain entwine.
Ladle tight handle, high hand thy wine!
Meet coming motion soberly with cheer.
Exalted humility sees thy bread return.
Excitement works Righteousness to earn.
Hard pressed between, be firm & persevere.
Moving safely, centered in thy concern.
Proper precautions polish the golden urn.
YU thunders from the Earth; hosts respond & move.
Expansion of the Will; Westernmosts approve!
Remembrance unproclaimed accumulates.
Rock-firm, far-seeing consummation waits.
Reciprocation looks to correlates.
O, Source of Harmony, grand success obtain!
Now, trained retentiveness felicitates.
With Darkened mind, devotion innovates.
THAI's Gnostick Works inspire the World.
Eight & ninety rules of Art impearled!
Burn the Brush; surpass thyself, advance!
Patient, cross the HO with temperance.
Prolong by Heaven & Earth their ordinance.
Adorned with Feathers from Heart's burning Core!
Here & everywhere, now & for evermore!
The wall has fallen -yellow shells galore!
ZHANG's sprouts shoot upward, high & great;
Nurse thy Virtue, let it accumulate!
Congenial spirits welcome from above.
Loyal, accept their royal gifts, devout.
Enter the empty city, free from doubt.
Our Friend offers on Mount Khi His Love.
Duly & truly ascends the blessed Dove!
Climbing blindly, clasping the Golden Glove!
MING-YIH droops its wings around its worth.
The Sun at Midnight shines beneath the Earth.
Thy heart aglow, preserve thy sober face.
Left thigh wounded, strong steed swiftly saves.
Hunt in the south; then take a breathing space.
Brave & true, deep in the Dark land's caves!
Gods entombed -bright their silent graves!
High & low -the yellow banner waves!
HEEM augments humility, lessens excess;
Paves the way to permanent success.
Meekness ferries Virtue across the stream.
Firm correctness' best to crow esteem.
Extend thy rectitude unto the end.
Proper precautions shows modesty's extreme.
Perfect team work: golden feathers gleam!
The royal beacon focuses its beam.
LEEN's magick mirror reflects the astral form;
Big Fire's delightful progress exceeds the norm.
Advance jointly, doing what is right.
Advance together; double-up thy might.
Anxious to advance, well-pleased with the road.
Advancing in the highest style & mode.
Advanced in wisdom, purple staff bestowed!
Honest, generous -soft advance, tip-toed.
SZE nourishes & educates the mass;
Collects the hosts & puts each in its class.
The host comes forth through proper rules applied.
Thrice-taught, Heaven-favored, lead the host.
Revived in baggage carts by able guide.
The end in view permits a shortened stride.
The birds are caught by first-born eagle-eyed.
Thy charges freed & all are satisfied.
FOOK thunder goes in & out without distress.
Friends come; return repeatedly, progress!
Repent not, Virtue's Own, ease the return!
O, admirable return of the Loving subject!
Repeated return; peril! reflective & erect.
Returning alone, achieving the proper effect.
Noble return! Righteousness to collect.
Astray! respected, firm & correct.
KHWAN doubles the Cube -Big Yin brings
Initiatory Virtue to men & things!
Dancing on dew -later come big rains.
Brilliant results the Way of Earth obtains!
The Servant of the Lord excellence restrains.
The careful sack apples red contains.
Yellow shod the honored spot retains.
Dragons fight; azure & amber stains!

Made with Concordance